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When you are buying a property you will come across the term Title Deed and in Turkey, they call it “TAPU” and you will hear that a lot in the process. There are different types of title deeds depending on the purpose of the property you are dealing with, and we would like to talk about them here in this article. So, what are the deed types and colors? And how many types of title deeds are there?

What is a TAPU?

A TAPU is a written and official document issued by the Land Registry Office in Turkey (Tapu Sicil Müdürlüğü), showing the ownership of the structure built on the land or a part of the land. The title deed is issued for each real estate and all information about that real estate is included in this document.

TAPU Colors

There are two different colors of TAPU: pink and blue.

Both of them are the same in design and content, but differ from each other for the following reasons:


blue tapu,red tapu,Turkish real estate,Turkey Property Documents,Title deed

The blue TAPU symbolizes that the property is land, that there is no building on it yet, or that the construction of the building has just begun. If there are limitations such as a mortgage or lien on the real estate, it is not seen in the blue title deed. In order to access such information, it is necessary to look at the land registry. In simple words, it is the title deed of land. That also includes the farming lands too (also known as Tarla).


pink tapu,blue tapu,Turkish real estate,Turkey Property Documents,Title deed

The pink-colored TAPU indicates that after the completion of the construction of the property, there are approved independent sections in the project, the usage areas of the property, and certain shares. In simple words, it is a title deed of a house (fully completed or still being built), not the land.  So, if you as a foreigner, are buying an apartment or a villa (whether it is ready to move in or still under construction) should get a Pink Tapu.

What are the Types of TAPU?

In addition to being aware of the colors of the title deeds, you, as a real estate investor, must know the title deed types, which differ according to the current structure or ownership of the real estate.

If you are buying a property as a foreigner in Turkey understanding the types of Title deeds i.e. TAPU would be important. There are basically, three different types of TAPU. 

These are:

1.     Kat İrtifaklı Tapu

2.     Kat Mülkiyetli Tapu,

3.     Hisseli Tapu

Let me cover each one of them in more detail:

Kat İrtifaklı Tapu

This is a type of TAPU that indicates that the construction of the building has been started however not fully completed yet. It is a type of official title deed issued in order to show the shares of the right holders on the land in which the building is under construction. This type of TAPU contains all the details about the residence that will be owned by the people who have a share in the land. People can see the square meter of the house they buy, on which floor it is, the door number, and the address of the house in the construction servitude deed.

If you still want to buy a house with this kind of Title Deed you should keep the following things in mind:

  • You should check if the building has obtained an Occupancy Certificate (also known as ISKAN). If the Iskan has not been obtained even though the construction is completed, it may cause various problems to the person who wants to own a house in the future (such as getting the gas and electricity connected, etc. ).
  • There is a probability that the building may not be completed at all.  In such a case, the municipality may decide to take over the project and complete it themselves or even demolish the building according to the construction project.
  • Some banks may not give housing loans to the houses with this kind of TAPU because they do not have Iskan. If the person wants to own a house with a mortgage loan, he should examine this situation beforehand.

Kat Mülkiyetli Tapu

Once the construction of the project or property has been fully completed and it acquired the Occupancy Certificate i.e. Iskan then Kat Mülkiyetli Tapu is issued.  It is the type of title deed that is realized by the acquisition of each part (Apartments, offices, shops, etc.) of the buildings whose construction has been completed, separately to the shareholders. This title deed gives the shareholder the right of independent ownership.

This title deed contains all the features of the building, such as the area of ​​the building, square meters, and common areas are included in this title deed. Banks easily issue housing loans for apartments with this type of title deed as they consider it the most suitable title deed for a housing loan.

People who buy apartments with this kind of TAPU can be sure that the building has been built in accordance with the construction plan, and that the building has an Iskan (occupancy certificate), and most importantly they have all the legal and official rights to the property.

Hisseli Tapu

Hisseli Tapu is a shared title deed. In this type of title deed, the names of the shareholders are known but who owns which area of the house or the property is not clear! Every shareholder has a common share in the property. Seating places can be decided upon by the consent of the shareholders by drawing up a division agreement between them. This type of deed may also contain some risks such as foreclosure, filing a lawsuit for litigation. 

Banks do not find this type of real estate suitable for loans. In addition, the value of these properties with shared title deed is lower than other properties and you may face some difficulties in selling the real estate that has this type of title deed.

A point to note is, as a foreigner, you cannot buy a share of a property or land that has a shared title deed unless you buy all shares from the shareholders (if they agree). 

So, for all the above reasons, we would not recommend buying a property with a shared title deed until and unless you definitely know what you are doing.

To view properties in Turkey with safe Tapu’s visit our listings page and let us know if there’s anything in particular that you are looking for.

I hope the above was useful. Please share with us your experience, challenges, or problems with getting your TAPU in Turkey. We would love to hear from you.

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