How To Get A Tax ID Number In Turkey – As A Foreign National 2021

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In this video, I would like to show you how to obtain a Tax ID Number in Turkey online as a foreign national.

When would you need a Tax ID Number?

You will need the Tax Number in order to open a bank account in Turkey and eventually to get your Bank Card so you can start using it for your online and offline transactions and of course, if you are buying your first property in Turkey you will definitely need it. In any case, anyone with the intention to live in Turkey would be required to have one and need it at some point during their process of sorting out their residency, business or home.

It is your unique registration number which will be used in all registration applications in your daily life in Turkey. You must have a tax ID number for buying and selling processes and financial transactions including:

• Opening a bank account,
• Title deed transactions,
• Power of attorney transactions,
• Residence permit application,
• Insurance,
• All sorts of tax payments,
• Water and electricity subscriptions.

Before the Corona pandemic, you had to go to a place called Vergi Dairesi (literally translated as Tax House) in person in order to get your tax number and this wasn’t always as convenient. However, this service has now been transferred to complete through their online portal at:

What you will need for the Process

In order to apply make sure you have the following documents at hand:

1. your Passport details

2. Your current full address in Turkey

3. Your Turkish telephone number (as they don’t allow any other national number at the moment)

How to complete the Process

  • Enter to arrive at the web site
  • Click the link which is for obtaining a tax number for non-citizens
  • Complete the Tax ID form carefully and completely
  • After pressing OK your tax number will be ready & should appear.

The following video will demonstrate how easy it is to get your Tax Number as a Foreigner in Turkey.

NOTE: When you are filling out the online form for your tax ID number, please be careful with the spellings of your names and other details, especially if it contains the letter ‘i‘. As you may or may not know, in Turkish there are 2 types of ‘i‘: one with the dot (normal i) and one without the dot (ı). And because the form automatically CAPITILSES your text while you are typing you may not see the difference. Therefore, make sure the i is the same i as on your passport name.

I hope that you found this video about how to obtain a Tax ID Number in Turkey useful and we wish you all the best, if you have any comments or any questions, please share them with me in the comments section below.

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