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Basaksahir (spelt as Başakşehir in Turkish) is repeatedly described as the new centre of Istanbul. It’s becoming a more and more prominent area for practising Muslim ex-pats, and in particular from the UK. So, you could say it’s a conservative environment with over 68% of its population being young married couples and families. It’s growing popularity has, in turn, reflected on the housing prices in this region, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this continue.

Located in the northwest region of Istanbul, on the more prestigious European side, you will find that it is slightly further away from the center of the hustle and bustle of city life. This has the advantage of offering the best of both worlds to its inhabitants. It’s particularly liked for its open green spaces, fresh air and wide, organized road space and streets. At the same time, it’s within good range to the Mall of Istanbul and daily used facilities one would find themselves needing on a regular basis.

Istanbul’s Basaksehir district is one of 39 municipalities in Istanbul, with a population of about 397,000. Basaksehir integrates one of the largest industrial areas in the city that provides jobs for more than 300,000 people. The region prides itself with its professional smart city standards with good management skills & services that you would expect to see in other modern cities. There are various fields that reflect this, such as the economy & trade, the education & health system, and all public services incorporate the latest technologies.

Sular Vadisi (valley of water) Park in Basaksahir Istanbul Turkey

Basaksehir Infrastructure

The region of Basaksehir is modern and extensive. Its green, with wide roads and streets and well known for the most sophisticated infrastructure.

It’s not a surprise that Basaksehir has become one of the most attractive areas for both local and foreign investors. It’s reached this recognition through its modern & high standard buildings that incorporate strong infrastructure needed for the modern, social & cultural environment we are enjoying today. The area is also home to the second-largest arena ground in Istanbul and is used for many different events throughout the year, such as theatrical performances, concerts, festivals and Ramadan celebrations to name a few.

The health and educational facilities provided by the Basaksahir Belediyesi has depicted it from all other parts of Turkey making it a good rival to many of its European equals.

childrens hospital,medical city,basaksahir,Istanbul,Turkey
Basaksahir Medical City Children’s Hospital Turkey

Basaksehir Transportation

Basaksehir Istanbul includes a modern network of extended roads that connect with the most significant routes in Istanbul. For instance, the TEM Yolu passes from the south, E5, the southern Marmara road and the Tarakya road as well as many metro lines. So, all the important roads in Istanbul pass through or near the region.

Basaksehir is conveniently located in very close proximity to the new Istanbul airport, which is one of the largest navigation grounds in the world, and an essential stop for all aviation operations that provide East-West connectivity. It’s also not too far from the famous Ataturk Airport, which is planned to eventually be converted into a public park and exhibition city.

The large open spaces and green location of Basaksehir also permit the construction of more potential road networks and rail lines to be developed.

Başakşehir Pine & Sakura City Hospital

In general, the area of Basaksahir is still fairly new and so there are still ongoing developments. One of the recently completed projects is the new Başakşehir Pine and Sakura City Hospital, which is also known to be among the largest medical centres in the world with the leading intensive care capacity in Europe. 

The 8 branches of hospitals all stand as separate buildings beside each other within the closed construction area of ​​approximately 1 million square meters. The giant health complex consists of a bed capacity of 2,682, built within the scope of the Health Transformation Project and has 28 delivery rooms, 90 operating rooms, 16-bed burns units, and 426 intensive care beds in total, including new-born and adult beds. 

Basaksahir National Park

Basaksahir is clean, green and very family friendly with plenty of parks. One that has recently been completed is the Basaksahir National Garden, also known asBaşakşehir Millet Garden or the Botanical Park. This Public Garden was established on an area of ​​280,000 sqm and a 15,600 sqm biological pond that cleans itself with its own special filter system. The thematic garden is reported to have 25 different species of plants, consisting of a fragrance garden decorated with fragrant flowers, a colour garden with colourful flowers and a butterfly garden where there are flowers that attract the butterflies. In addition to this, there are 5,570 trees of 24 different varieties and 42,000 sqm of open meadow for outdoor activities.

Image source: Basaksahir Belediyesi

There is also a wooden themed reading room and cafeteria in the Millet Kıraathanesi. An amphitheatre is also included in this complex where various activities will be held in the area. The project also includes a 15,000-seat gymnasium and a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool, which are due to be completed any time soon.

Image source: Basaksahir Belediyesi

Most main parks in Basaksahir will have walking and cycling paths as well as outdoor sports areas, playgrounds and covered or open seating areas. 

And of course, a park such as this wouldn’t be completed without a great mosque to go with it. will be opened in the square of Basaksehir, a mosque that can accommodate up to 5,000 people!

This will take place in the centre of the new city of Istanbul; Therefore, these projects will contribute to making Basaksehir of the model centre in Turkey.

The Basaksahir Pond Park

Another park that has earned some fame in Basaksahir is the Pond Park. Also known as Bahçeşehir Gölet Park, the pond park is over 300,000 sqm in size, which includes the 26,000 sqm lake. It is the first and largest artificial pond in Istanbul. It’s mostly loved for its beautiful swans, ducks and amphibious turtles. However, it’s also well known for its striking lights that glow throughout the night and illuminate the fountains, trees and pathways.

There are children’s playgrounds as well as nature footpaths in addition to picnic areas and toilet facilities. The project was completed quite a while back, so the trees are all well matured and surrounding restaurants, private clubs and tea gardens within the park are all fully established. The park is also home to Istanbul’s second-largest Arena Stage Gölet, which hosts various shows and concerts.

The pond area is the main breathing ground and a popular meeting point of Başakşehir residents. There are many special events organized during Ramadan that take place in this area. You can expect to see puppet shows for children, Hacivat-Karagöz, children’s theatre, various stage competitions and concerts of traditional Turkish Singalongs, the Turkish national anthem, Hymns, Turkish folk sing and meet the citizens. City Artisans exhibit their products at the open stands on the fields, cotton halvahs and macuncular decorate the streets while local residents fill these fields and pathways after iftar for relaxing walks. You could truly see and appreciate this special scene and the joy of sharing Ramadan together.

In Summary

Basaksahir has become the modern, urban face of Istanbul, a new city centre with development & investment potential and in the making. Perfect for respectful families wanting a modern but conservative way of life. Its equipped with all the major needs a family would require in a place of settlement, from primary & secondary schools to universities, Quran teachers and madrassas. There are also ample masjids and local centres of education that have practical courses of trade such as sewing, design, language, poetry, music and arts & crafts, available for all age groups.

The hospitals and medical care are all of high quality and value with affordable payment systems. Shopping Malls and bazaars are widely available and in close range along with amusement parks, children’s entertainment & museums.

Turkey Property Beys have an impressive collection of apartments and homes available to purchase in this area, both for living and for investment. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for more information and details, visit our website or WhatsApp message or call us on +90 552 313 74 83.

Have you visited Basaksahir? You may have family or friends living there. Do you have some additional information worth mentioning on this post? Please don’t hesitate to contribute to the discussion to help others in the comments section below 😉

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