New Istanbul 3rd Airport

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Istanbul Airport is one of the most globally connected in the world.

Istanbul airport facilitates easy, efficient & affordable travel to all 5 continents through more than 250 destinations worldwide. Its geographical location conveniently puts it in the best spot for connecting flights & international travel, and often with direct flights. The highly developed highways and road networks, in addition to, the efficient and modern transport services throughout the city, adds to this convenience extending it into the country. One of which is the high-speed train, which is another favoured and convenient mode of transport in Turkey for those travelling from Istanbul.

The Istanbul new airport is actually seen as a new jewel for its people and something in which Turkey is most proud of. It emphasizes Turkey’s leading role in the world of transportation in addition to the extent of its modern development in other fields.

The New Services Are Compared To 5-Star Hotels

Yes, The new airport is said to have some modern features and “logistical” services that you’re not likely to find available in any other of the worlds most popular airports. Could this be, to compete for the title of the world’s best and most prestigious airport? We will see.

Istanbul’s new airport is often described an compared to a full integral city! A sophisticated space in which Turkish Airlines offers its guests & travellers the highest levels of luxury and comfort. From the rooms, suites, shower facilities, cinema and library to the traditional Turkish food served, travellers are enjoying the luxury of flying with Turkish Airline as well as stopping through Istanbul.

The Turkish Airline has provided its users with a new luxurious lounge, which has exceeded everyone’s expectations and described by many to be just as prestigious as 5-star hotels, offering many facilities such as a cinema, library, museum, children’s playground, golf course, traditional cafe, in addition to a beautiful garden.

Turkish Airlines entered the history of air navigation with the opening of the new Istanbul airport. They have achieved unprecedented leadership and excellence through their direct flights to more than 306 points in 124 countries around the world. It’s clear how their high level of service & attentive & caring attitude to their passengers has served them well.

Turkish Airlines expanded its lounge airport area to 9580 m2 in Istanbul’s New Airport from only 6,000 m2 that it was in Ataturk Airport. The Turkish Air Terminal’s CİP lounge now serves travellers of special commercial importance with high standards and with impressionable taste, design and style.

In its new lounge, there are 24 suites all with ensuite bathrooms to provide extra comfort & convenience to important passengers that may be on transit flights and have long periods of waiting time for their next flight. There are also 6 multifunctional meeting rooms that can increase productivity & come in very handy for business meetings and travelling groups to meet when needed.

An Award Winning Architecture & Design

The new Istanbul airport has won several international awards even before its opening. The control tower, designed by Pininfarina and Aecom, won the European Center for Architecture and Design award in 2015.

In 2016, the Passenger Building was awarded a design award in the category of future projects and infrastructure of the International Architecture Festival.

The impact of the architectural art on the roof of the building is clear which was built on the style of the famous Ottoman architect Sinan Agha (1489/1588 AD).

Extra Perks For Business Travelers

Turkey is clearly undergoing impressive cultural development. And the urgent need to expand Istanbul Airport services and passenger increase lead to yet another indispensable project Turkey was in need of and used to its advantage.

They certainly made a statement with providing their Business Class passengers with, specially reserved, private new seating cabins where they can sit comfortably with Airport staff while checking their passports & papers.

Source: Emlak Son dakika

Airport Safety & Security

Did you know that Istanbul airport contains laboratories that were built on an area of ​​5,000,000 square meters that began operating in July last year? They apparently have the ability to conduct more than 12,000 Corona tests per day!.

Now Istanbul Airport has launched an amazing new service that allows its travellers to take an antibody test in addition to the Corona “PCR” tests, in which results are obtained within 2 and 1/2 hrs.

For a small charge, the provided tests will be able to verify any infection with the Coronavirus in advance. Allowing passengers to safely & easily conduct an antibody test at the Airport and obtain results within a very short time frame with not only provide them with extra ease, reassurance and peace of mind but also increase the safety of Turkish residence by minimalising infection cases and spread.

Istanbul Airport Opened It’s 3rd Runway in June 2020

A new runaway at Istanbul Airport was put into its 1st use on Sunday June 14th 2020. Its opening service was inaugurated in a ceremony by president Recep Tayyip Erdogan calling it “Istanbul Airport is Turkey’s pride” when three Turkish Airline flights took off simultaneously from Istanbul Airport. The ceremony marked the first anniversary of the new airport starting to serve with full capacity.

Istanbul Airport is the only one in Turkey and the second airport in Europe to operate three independent runways and its another step towards Istanbul Airport’s grand vision of becoming the largest airport in the world with a total capacity of 200 million passengers per year. 

The third independent runway will reduce taxi times significantly. Landing times will decrease by seven minutes on average and take-off times will decrease by four minutes on average with domestic taxi times being reduced by approximately 50%. The capacity for flight movements per hour will also increase from 80 to 120 with a daily capacity of more than 2,800 flight movements – the largest number of movements any European airport can handle.

Together with the new runway, a new End-Round-Taxiway will go into operation, reducing congestions, especially in times of heavy traffic. In total, Istanbul Airport will operate five runways, three independent and two standby runways. When all construction phases are completed, Istanbul Airport will have six runways and a total capacity of 200 million passengers per year.

Istanbul Airport will play a key role in positioning Istanbul as the heart of international aviation, leading Turkey into its golden age of aviation and bringing the world closer together.


Featured Image source: By Arne Müseler – Own work

Final Thoughts

The Turkish lands with their unique geographical location within the two continents connect to everywhere around the world with their modern transportation. As it’s been home to different cultures and civilisations throughout time, it’s rich and deep history has evolved it into a treasure of its own unique & natural heritage & beauties.

It’s no wonder, or surprise, for Turkey to have invested in this magnificent airport project to increase and accommodate for its continuous growth in this field in addition to many more.

Many people from all over the world have chosen to start their new life in Turkey. Whether it’s for work, to retire or to invest in, it’s been a beneficial move for most, with a positive outcome.

If you should have any information, feelings or thoughts to add in regards to this article, please do share them with us in the comments section below 😉

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