How to Get Turkish Citizenship Through Investment – Updated 2022

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Updated 2022 to include the current law & regulations

Invest $400.000 In Turkey For Full Citizenship

Up untill June this year, you would have only needed to invest $250,000 worth in property in Turkey and agree to the condition of keeping this property for at least 3 years to officially attain a Turkish passport and full citizenship within 4 -6 months!

Unfortunetely now, that price has officially gone up to $400,000 but everything else remains the same. There is no need for a residency permit or a minimum stay in the country. Once more, your spouse and all your dependent children under 18yrs of age will also be eligible to get citizenship too. Additionally, if you should have children above 18yrs, they also have the option to live in Turkey for the rest of their lives if they choose to.

You may ask yourself, why would I want a Turkish Citizenship or passport anyway? What benefits can it give me and what countries can it grant me access to that I don’t already have on my European or UK passport?

In this post, we hope to answer some of these questions for you. We will review the Turkish passport ranking worldwide and the documents you will need to prepare to apply for Turkish citizenship in return for a real estate investment.

Before we dive into that though, we would like to share this interesting video by Nomad Capitalist where he himself gives us his opinion on the matter from a westerners point of view:

What Countries Does the Turkish Passport Allow You to Enter Without A Visa?

The holder of a Turkish passport can enter more than 72 countries without requiring a visa in advance. These include but not limited to:

  1. Argentina
  2. Belarus
  3. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  4. Brazil
  5. Brunei Darussalam
  6. Chile
  7. Colombia
  8. Ecuador
  9. El Salvador
  10. Georgia
  11. Hong Kong
  12. Indonesia
  13. Iraq
  14. Japan
  15. Jordan
  16. Malaysia
  17. Morocco
  18. Northern Cyprus
  19. Paraguay
  20. Qatar
  21. Serbia
  22. Singapore
  23. South Africa
  24. South Korea
  25. Thailand
  26. Tunisia
  27. Ukraine
  28. Uruguay

The Turkish passport holder can also enter more than 42 countries on an immediate visa issued on arrival, a few worth mentioning are:
Lebanon, and most African countries.

You can also enter more than 7 countries under an online visa, which include Australia and Oman.
And you will find many of the countries that do require a visa, often grant it on easy conditions to a Turkish national.

So, What Are the Benefits?

  • High Return Ongoing New Investment Projects

Turkey is a modern country witnessing exceptional growth in infrastructure & real estate projects, attracting foreign investment and offering plenty of options regardless of budget. The ongoing development of the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors offer high return profits, as well as the export of its products and exceptional international position are attracting & benefiting foreign capital in various ways.

  • Modern, Innervational & Technological Change

Turkey dreams of a future based on promoting industrial & technological change of government and life. We are seeing government and private sector institutions adopt more open and flexible strategies to facilitate provision of services, a few of which are smart home systems, modern, regular & cost effective public transportation, secure internet sites and mobile applications, which have become the easiest way to connect and request government and business services to all parts of society.

  • Economic Benefits

The Turkish government plans on strengthening the economy and providing it with new foundations of income that guarantee steadiness and maintainable progress in the long term. A good example of this can be seen in projects such as Istanbul’s Third Airport, the Istanbul Canal, and the new metro networks.

  • Ideal Location & Weather

Turkey is very central, it’s the perfect location for business, import & export. Turkey also offers a meeting point of 2 continents that makes it rich in culture & diversity. It’s location also has the advantage of being somewhere you can enjoy all 4 seasons! This definitely tends to be one of the things we westerners miss so much about our homeland when living abroad. However, in Turkey, whether it’s summer, winter, autumn or spring, each season is strongly lived in all parts.

  • Creates Ease & Convenience for Investors

If you have invested or plan to invest in property in Turkey whether for business or individual needs, it may be necessary for you to come and go on a regular basis either to enjoy your holiday home or for meetings, updates & payment collection. With a Turkish citizenship you will have no restrictions or time limits to how long you can stay or any additional paperwork or costs. This is an added ease and convenience for the investor.

Documents needed for Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship

Here is a list of documents needed to apply for the Turkish citizenship through investment depending on where you will be applying from:

  1. A copy of the Tapu (this is the document name of the title deed of the property purchased), It can also mean a promise to sell contract with a notary.
  2. A valid real estate evaluation report, bearing in mind that the validity period of the real estate appraisal reports is 3 months, with a value not exceeding the value recorded in the title deed. This has an issuance cost and is usually obtained within 2 or 3 working days by an evaluation institution licensed by the Turkish government.
  3. Original payment receipts from the buyer’s account, (bank statement) live stamped for validity from the sending bank.
  4. Original receipts from the seller’s account, (bank statement) stamped from the recipient bank for validity. (These receipts are the approved proof proving that the property value has been paid and transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account.)
  5. Two copies of the agency for the citizenship application, given by the investor to the legal team to submit the nationality file, and follow it up with the official departments. The agency is regulated by a notary in Turkey (Notre) with an estimated cost of 600 to 700 Turkish liras for one copy.
    In the event that the investor’s wife / husband is added to the naturalization file, a similar power of attorney must be provided for each of the spouses, and one joint agency may be organized for the client and his wife.
    The attorneys’ wages vary according to each case in terms of the number of papers, the number of individuals within the file, and others.
  6. Translation of the passport into the Turkish language, certified by a notary in Turkey (Notre) for all family members: husband, wife & any children under the age of 18 years.

The papers required to reside in Turkey before granting citizenship to investors

  1. Residence application form.
  2. Certificate of conformity (that is, the property conforms to the specifications for granting citizenship, and is extracted from the Tabu Department).
  3. Original passport + copy of the person applying for residency as well as the person must be present in person.
  4. 4x recent personal biometric photos.
  5. Valid health insurance.

The documents required for Turkish citizenship from the property owner’s spouse & children under the age of 18

  1. The completed application form for obtaining the exceptional Turkish “real estate” citizenship (the application must be filled out clearly without deficiency or errors and signed by the applicant or the representing agent.
  2. In the case of the husband wanting to apply for citizenship for himself & his children only, without the wife or vice versa (i.e. you may be divorced or a single parent), then the consent of the mother/father must be submitted to grant his/her children under the age of 18 years Turkish citizenship. (This document will not be needed in the event that both spouses apply for nationality.
  3. Civil status document, the marriage contract or any other document proving the status of the applicant, whether he is single or married.
  4. Birth certificate or any other document proving birth information, such as obtaining a civil registration of the applicant & all family members (this must include the names of both parents of each individual).
  5. A family statement document or family book. (this is usually provided in Arabic countries and may not be available for western or European countries)
  6. 2x recent passport photos for all family members.

Legalization of documents issued outside Turkey

All documents issued from outside Turkey must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country from which the document was issued, and by the Turkish representation in that country (Turkish embassy or consulate).

If it is not possible to certify the Turkish representation in the country that issued the document, it must be certified by the representative of this country in Turkey and verified by the governor after translating it and certifying it by a notary.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we can say that Turkey offers fair, solid and reliable investment opportunities with many advantages that includes easy finance solutions. One of my favourites is that owning a property in Turkey for foreigners is subject to the exact same laws and regulations as given to locals. This makes the process so straight forward & easy that it can be completed within a matter of days and not weeks or months. Turkey also offers a reliable investment environment and guarantees your rights acquired by owning a property by law.

Some people may hold back in owning property or investing abroad especially when considering a new family home. When you are not familiar with the country’s laws and inheritance rights it gives you doubts. However, this shouldn’t be the case with Turkey, Turkey is one of very few countries that offers the exact same laws and opportunities to foreigners as it does to its own people.

I haven’t yet met anyone who is accustomed to Turkey and the Turkish culture and not praised their welcome and people. The Turkish people love to share what they have and to host, and this can be said about the country on a whole.

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